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1/ Q - How high can the SpaceKraft IBC's be stacked.
A - The height depends on the weight of the product being packaged. As a general rule the SpaceKraft used for liquid products can be stacked up to 4 units high, while the SpaceKraft used for Solid products can be stacked to 6 units high.
2/ Q - How many SpaceKraft fit into a dry ISO 20ft shipping container .
A - 20 filled 1000 liter SpaceKraft IBC's fit into a 20ft shipping container - 2 units high by 2 units wide by 5 units deep.
3/ Q - Can the SpaceKraft be warehoused chilled or in a refrigerated shipping container .
A - Yes - however the area needs to be relatively dry and free from water splashing etc. SpaceKraft has a especially designed IBC to fit 20 units per refrigerated shipping container.
4/ Q - Can the SpaceKraft IBC be stored outdoors.
A - The SpaceKraft IBC is supplied with a plastic outer cover which acts as a dust cover or as protection against water splash and light rain.

This outer cover is not designed for longer term storage. However longer term outdoor storage is possible , by adding extra protection to guard against heavy wind and rain.
5/ Q - What products and weights can be packed into the SpaceKraft IBC
A - More than 150 products covering the food and beverage industries, general chemicals and specialty ingredients are currently packaged world wide. The product weights vary from 900 kg to 1600 kg per 1000 liter SpaceKraft IBC.

The SpaceKraft Research and Development facility is available to trial and test products to make sure that no issues arise from compatibility and the correct type of SpaceKraft is specified.
6/ Q - Do the SpaceKraft IBC's fold down for freight efficiency and warehouse storage when empty?
A - The SpaceKraft have a ratio of approximately 5 folded 1000 liter units to 1 rigid 1000 liter IBC, when transported during trucking, shipping or warehouse storage
7/ Q - Are the SpaceKraft IBC's available around the world ?
A - SpaceKraft has offices and distribution centers globally, including Japan , China , Asia Pacific, Europe , North and South America .

It is very likely that that the SpaceKraft is available in a particular country, if not, it is a simple procedure to arrange supply
8/ Q - Does the SpaceKraft IBC meet the strict environmental "Sustainable Forestry Initiative" (SFI) certification.
A - Yes - To earn the use of the SFI-certified procurement label, two-thirds of a company’s packaging raw material must originate from mills with certified wood fiber procurement systems or recycled paper sources.

As a certified supplier, SpaceKraft, can offer our customers, the use of the "SFI" fiber sourcing labels in your marketing material.
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